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Electronic Power Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was founded in Jan. 2006. Its R&D team members have worked in leading lighting electronics companies for a long period and designed many high-end products. EPT owns a number of patents and gets more influential in this area. EPT utilizes leading technology and professional design to provide high performance lighting electronic products for HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED applications.

a) LED Drivers:
EPT has developed a series of high and low power LED drivers with new circuit topologies to achieve highest efficiency in the industry. They are penetrating into the market quickly due to its high efficiency, small size, high reliability and low cost. Its dimmable function makes its application more versatile.

b) HID Electronic Ballasts:
HID Electronic Ballast is one of EPT’s key product lines which includes 35W, 70W, 150W, 175W, 250W and 400W electronic ballasts for Metal Halide lamps and CDM lamps. We have used our patented technology and improved circuit design to make the products with advantages of small size, constant outputs, no flickering, no noise, long life time, energy saving, environmental protection and safety etc.. 
c) Dimming Electronic Ballasts:
Electricity consumed by lighting occupies more than 10% of the total electricity consumption, and dimming ballast is playing an extensively important role for energy saving. EPT has developed a series of dimming electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, HID lamps and LED lamps. We have invented some new dimming interfaces for the dimming ballasts with no extra wiring required, which is extremely convenient for retrofit, while the lighting system keeps high performances without negative effects most products in the market have such as reducing PF or increasing THD.

EPT has professional manufacturing facilities for quick response to customer and market demand. We provide products with outstanding quality and reliability by professional manufacturing process and strict quality control.

Keeping innovation and leading the lighting technology is our goal!